Betting prediction for Chelsea vs Juventus

Chelsea against Juventus is the match from the second day of the Champions League. Yesterday we saw a great match between the teams of Real Madrid and Manchester City which finished 3-2 for the hosts with five goals in the second half and three in the last five minutes of the match. Today’s show between Chelsea and Juventus will hardly be less exciting.

Both teams play more than well in their Championship matches, as Juventus has three wins of three matches with goal difference of 9:2. Chelsea is with three wins and a draw and goal difference of 8:2. Both teams are leaders in the current standings of the championships of England and Italy. In my opinion there is hardly anything more exciting than the two best teams from the two leading countries in football playing against each other.

betting prediction

However it looks exciting only at a first glance. Knowing the playing philosophy of both teams they will be looking primarily for its defence. This suggests a match with less goals, something that the betting houses have already felt and they are offering odds for an under of only 1.7.

The two teams have met only twice so far and the matches were in the quarter-finals of the Champions League four years ago. In the first match the hosts of Chelsea won by 1-0. The second match finished 2-2 as Juventus led twice, but the guests managed to catch up and eventually moved forward.

In today’s match it is hard for me to find a favourite for the winner. The win can be taken from both sides. Chelsea have some problems in their attack and it was obvious from the shaky play of Torres, who although has scored two goals, has rarely managed to shoot to the opponent’s net. When Eden Hazard is preserved successfully, then the attacks possibilities of Chelsea are reduced almost to minimum. This was seen in their last match against QPR, when the match ended scoreless.

Juventus is a team that can boast with a good enough defence to give the required resistance. As for their chances in attack, they are guests in this match and their efforts will be directed not to lose. That’s why my prediction for this game leans more to bet on under 2.5 goals in the match.

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